Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Obviously Burning themselves.
Speaking against something or for something.
Causing tremendous effects on the world.
Doing it without fear to prove a point that they wanted everyone to see.

Vietnam (Burning Man) Tunisia (Bouazizi)
1963 (Burning Man) 2011 (Bouazizi)
One did it for religious purposes (BM) Other did it for self rights (Bou)
One affected entire world politics (BM)
Other caused an entire revolution and impeachment almost of a president (for life)
One started with nothing at all (BM)
One started with a Woman slapping another man (Bou)

I thought that it was almost an outrage to for Negoda to believe that America played this out. To pay a man to set himself aflame! That would be political and social suicide if that was true in any way. I also thought that for a man to sit aflame for ten minutes without flinching is amazing, and that how almost nobody helped him. It almost seemed that the people were worshipping him. For the Tunisian Revolution now. How one man setting himself aflame start an entire revolution is astounding and entirely amazing to me. One man to undo a dictator that believed he would be president (for life). If you also happened to watch the 60 minutes episode that the reporter was interviewing the man who helped the revolution through radio was amazing because it almost seemed that he was proud and happy that his country was revolutionized for the good. It was something new for me. To actually see a man who is proud and happy about a revolution. It's really beyond words for me.

Discussion Q's
Why do you think that people said that buddha almost was imaged into the smoke in the sky?
Was the man sacrificing himself for buddha?
Why and how do you believe this cause political controversy among the World?

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