Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self Reflection

Devyn-Reflection Questions
Reconstruction Debate

How did I feel during planning this presentation? Why did I feel this way?
Worried, because I was imagining potential flaws
How did I feel prior to presenting? Why did I feel this way?
Enthusiasm, because really I felt like had an extremely strong group
How did I feel while I was presenting? Why did I feel this way?
Confidence, otherwise I would have failed at speaking.
What did I personally do well?
The public speaking. Positively
What did not go as desired in this presentation?
Well as I saw we were not as content heavy as I thought
On a scale from 1-10, how well do I think I understood the content? Explain.
7ish because I did get the content but not enough.
How do I think my group members perceived me? Why do I think this?
Not really a strong player but a medium in overall work
How do I think the 8th graders perceived me? Why do I think this?
As an extremely loud and good public speaker but not content heavy as I should be.
Knowing that I can only control how I act and react, if I could do this presentation again, what would I change about my actions to make it a more ideal experience?
Get a ton more content! Make a better “script” for myself, and also rehearse before the actual presentation again.
What are my strengths in groups?
I work well with others not really a leader type so I don’t go against much people and (I feel like I’m being repetitive) a good public presenter
What areas do I need improvement?
Once again more content, better preparation also.
What is the most important thing I learned about myself? Why is this so important?
I learned that having strong leader type people that work well with each other is great because I just sit there and work which is great because I have like no pressure
Are there any other things that I need to express?
Not really I believe I have said my points and now I’m done

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflective Blog Entry

My time at DLC has been challenging, fun, and exciting. I have grown to love the DLC. No other program has really changed how I felt about being "smart". I didn't like being smart early on in my life. Most people were even jealous it made me feel bad. Expectations were to high to live with I didn't like school. Now it's the thing I look forward every night. I don't feel like different than everyone DLC is my second home and it's great

Now sadly DLC isn't all fun and games. Projects must be done however possible and on time with exceeding expectations. Projects get good and bad comments. Most are just constructive sayings. Ms. Bailin our teacher isn't exactly "YAY YOU DID AWESOME WOOHOO YOUR SUPER EPIC!" She gives that out very rarely. So when we had to do our Industrial Revolution dress rehearsal my slides were terrible so she said they needed to be better. So... I did. The next day my brand new two slides with new content were presented and explain exceptionally! Ms. Bailin left me a comment on the grade. "New content, Amazing explanation, Good Job!" That was my most proud moment so far in the DLC.

Projects sometimes don't go the way you planned them mostly because you are with a group. (I don't like groups that much) You could get the image of the best project in your head the best you can and try to make you project like that but in a group everyone has to share their ideas too. So we have to mix ideas and make the best of the outcome. That can be hard though. Like my recent Stephen Crane re-do or should I say re-fail. We were able to make up our bad grades of the first Stephen Crane Project but our group wasn't as productive as we were in the first so we didn't get a lot done then rushed through the rest at the last week. Then we got our grade which was an D-.

My favorite part about DLC is that I get to work with people that sorta of think like me so it's easy to get along with everyone. in the beginning of DLC I thought I would be made fun of and laughed at. Then I came the first day and that idea failed with flying colors. Now most of the people in block 1 are my friends and we all have had our laughs here and there. So I guess my favorite part is the people in DLC. (and the teacher) ;)

Some hopes for the second semester I think are to not fail, have more speech associated projects, and to have my own O.M.G. project. Expectations are very high. So with all that being said I love DLC it's people and their work being here is were all honors kids should be.