Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self Reflection

Devyn-Reflection Questions
Reconstruction Debate

How did I feel during planning this presentation? Why did I feel this way?
Worried, because I was imagining potential flaws
How did I feel prior to presenting? Why did I feel this way?
Enthusiasm, because really I felt like had an extremely strong group
How did I feel while I was presenting? Why did I feel this way?
Confidence, otherwise I would have failed at speaking.
What did I personally do well?
The public speaking. Positively
What did not go as desired in this presentation?
Well as I saw we were not as content heavy as I thought
On a scale from 1-10, how well do I think I understood the content? Explain.
7ish because I did get the content but not enough.
How do I think my group members perceived me? Why do I think this?
Not really a strong player but a medium in overall work
How do I think the 8th graders perceived me? Why do I think this?
As an extremely loud and good public speaker but not content heavy as I should be.
Knowing that I can only control how I act and react, if I could do this presentation again, what would I change about my actions to make it a more ideal experience?
Get a ton more content! Make a better “script” for myself, and also rehearse before the actual presentation again.
What are my strengths in groups?
I work well with others not really a leader type so I don’t go against much people and (I feel like I’m being repetitive) a good public presenter
What areas do I need improvement?
Once again more content, better preparation also.
What is the most important thing I learned about myself? Why is this so important?
I learned that having strong leader type people that work well with each other is great because I just sit there and work which is great because I have like no pressure
Are there any other things that I need to express?
Not really I believe I have said my points and now I’m done

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  1. You did do a very good job at public speaking, you maintained a good volume throughout all your slides. I agree with you that you could do with a little more content and depth. Maybe I just missed it, but did you say why your group did not perceive you as a strong player? It seems like you know what you need to improve on, so I look forward to working with you.